Saylor Academy’s mission is to open education to all.

Saylor Academy’s mission is sustained by the continued evolution of an open educational ecosystem, and we are dedicated partners in this movement. Saylor’s commitment to the open education ecosystem is founded not just on open educational resources and open source learning technologies, but also on open access to credentials, and ongoing open learning opportunities.

Guided by these beliefs, Saylor Academy is currently focused on the following projects:

Open Courses: Maintenance and Learner-Centered Improvements

  • A commitment to the OER community means that we’ll continue to replace open access materials with openly licensed ones in an effort to make Saylor courseware as reusable and remixable as possible.
  • Open courses require more instructional supports for learners, so our current improvements focus on ensuring better and more frequent opportunities for Saylor students to practice what they’re learning.

Open Credentials: Adding New Opportunities and Bolstering Existing Ones

  • We’re working on expanding our suite of Saylor Direct credit recommended exams, and we’re also keen on working with university partners to develop innovative and flexible partner degree launching and completion programs.
  • With an international and diverse student population, we’re also working outside the scope of traditional credit offerings to develop employer-recognized curriculum as well as enhanced digital credentials.

Open Learning Technologies

  • Open source learning technologies are a huge boon to the OER community, and we work to rely on and contribute to open source software wherever possible.

We hope that through our work you may be inspired to move towards more open education as well.