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Alana Harrington

Alana HarringtonChair, Board of Advisors
Email: [email protected]

Alana has been with the Saylor Foundation since the inception of its Free Education Initiative. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with dual majors in Communications and Film, she moved to DC where she worked at a speaker’s bureau. There, she was inspired by the agency’s thought leaders who, in Alana’s words, “were working tirelessly to leave the world a better place.”  In early 2008, she travelled to developing areas in Cambodia and Vietnam, and it was there that she realized she wouldn’t be happy unless she were striving to be one of those people as well.

Upon her return to DC, she had a conversation with Michael J. Saylor about the potential impact of his Foundation, which resulted in the birth of Saylor.org. As Director, Alana began working on the Free Education Initiative from her couch in late 2008. Since then, the exponential growth of both content and staff members has moved the organization into a cozy Georgetown office and then into a second, larger office above the first.

From 2008 through April 2013, Alana managed operations, oversaw strategy, engaged partnerships, and developed the amazing team at Saylor.org, leading the Saylor Foundation into the top tier of free and open education providers.

She now assumes a new position as head of the Saylor Foundation Advisory Board. In this role, she will continue to have substantive involvement in the Foundation’s strategic direction. Alana will also serve as the primary lead in the search for a new Executive Director.

She is currently a resident of Houston, Texas.