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Saylor Academy hosted textbooks now in HTML and editable by anybody

Not by our own intention, our Bookshelf page is one of the most popular single pages on our site. Nor are we surprised — we host over 100 full-length textbooks, many of which cover 100- and 200-level undergraduate courses in popular disciplines like business, psychology, and communication. For over two years, we primarily offered two … Read More …

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Giving and getting feedback for your work

Seeking feedback on the work that you do as a learner is important. For one thing, it implies that you create your work with an expectation of sharing it, which has cognitive benefits (see #13, “15 Surprising Discoveries About Learning“). For another thing, it allows you to gather others’ perspectives, insights, and critiques toward improving your knowledge and … Read More …

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Creative Commons Open Business Models Initiative – Call for Participation

Creative Commons seeks to hear from businesses that use or might use open models and Creative Commons licensing to support their business models. Under this initiative, businesses will both contribute and receive feedback, advice, etc. on achieving sustainability with open models. Clearly, the Saylor Academy’s model depends on open content, both curated and created, which … Read More …

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Partnering with Accredible to build interactive portfolio certificates

With Accredible, we have just announced our work to build the next generation of course certificates. As Accredible says on their post, Accredible’s certificates go beyond the standard PDF certificate, showing what a student has learned by embedding evidence and insights into a clear format optimized for glancability. A soft launch, which will include 93 or our … Read More …

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Update: An (even more affordable) open course option for the ASBA

Thanks, in part, to changes last year in some of the tuition options at our partner school Thomas Edison State College, using Saylor Academy courses to help achieve an Associate in Science in Business Administration (ASBA) degree can be over $500 cheaper for New Jersey residents and nearly $2,000 cheaper for out-of-state students. The need-to-knows can … Read More …

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Reminder: “Office Hours” Hangout on Air February 11th

Join us Wednesday, February 11th, at 2:00 PM EST (that’s 7:00 PM UTC) for our live “office hours” session via Google Hangout on Air. The video will be archived. Our team will be wearing our education, tech, and community hats while giving updates about recent months and the near future. When: Wednesday, February 11th, 2015 | 2:00 PM EST Where:  Community page … Read More …

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Hang out with us on February 11th

Two weeks from today, we will hold a long overdue “office hours”* session via Google Hangout on Air. We will take questions before and during the hangout, and the video will be archived for those who are not able to watch it live. Expect updates about our website, our tech, our courses, our certificates, and our … Read More …

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