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Consulting Teacher

Consulting Teacher

The Saylor Foundation is seeking Consulting Teachers in the areas of middle and high school English Language Arts and Mathematics.  Immediate openings are available for 6th or 8th grade English Language Arts and Mathematics.


Private foundation launching new web-based learning initiative seeks a qualified individual with secondary-level teaching experience, passion for education, and expertise in instructional design.

Position Description

The Saylor Foundation seeks qualified individuals to design course “blueprints” for open- access cost-free courseware as part of an online academic community. The blueprints will identify learning objectives and define overall learning sequences for various Foundation-specified courses. They will serve as the basis for the pairing and/or development of additional web-based course materials, including web-based textbooks, multimedia resources, activities, course lectures, assessments, and more.

The successful candidate will work to conceptualize an individual course, identify existing web resources that can be used for instruction, outline learning objectives integrating Common Core Standards, design unit progression, and pair the outline with resources. The selected individual will collaborate closely with the Foundation editor to ensure consistency and clarity of these materials.

The applicant will perform the following tasks: 1. Conceptualize a course integrating Common Core State standards; 2. Identify freely available web-based textbooks, readings, video lectures, activities, and assessments that satisfy various elements of assigned course; 3. Create comprehensive course “blueprints” accompanied by learning objectives using existing free online educational resources and simultaneously link instructional units of blueprint with discovered web-based learning materials; 4. Identify gaps in the curriculum unsatisfied by free educational materials currently in existence; 5. Create original content for courses such as questions and answers, assessments and activities.


1) Undergraduate degree and current certification in field, Masters completed or in progress preferred;

2) Teaching experience at the high school level and experience teaching the specific course in reference for at least three full school years.

3) A passion for education and commitment to educational reform;

4) Demonstrated experience in curriculum development;

5) Experience with Common Core Standards preferred;

6) Ability to work independently without daily supervision;

7) Strong verbal and written communication skills;

8) Proficient in MS Word and internet research;

9) Ability to commit minimum of 15 hours a week.


This is a part-time, contract position.

The candidate will be required to complete a 2-3 hour trial assignment, to be carefully reviewed by Foundation staff, prior to securing employment with the Foundation.


Successful candidate will telecommute.


Commensurate with experience.

Please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected] with the subject line “Consulting Teacher.”