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Here you can see, at a glance, a few details about the materials used in our courses. Note that a blank doesn’t mean our course isn’t completely ready to go or that no resources of that kind are present — just that there is room to expand. If you have questions about any of our courses, please don’t hesitate to ask ([email protected]); if you have any questions about the content matrix or believe that we have made an error, please contact our archivist: [email protected].

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Matrix Color Key
Resource Present
Optimized for iPad/Tablet/Mobile
Open License or permitted
Art History
ARTH101 Art Appreciation and Techniques No 0%
ARTH110 Introduction to Western Art History: Pre-historic to High Gothic No 5%
ARTH111 Introduction to Western Art History: Proto-Renaissance to Contemporary Art No 59%
ARTH201 Art of Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Near East No 64%
ARTH202 Art of Ancient Greece and Rome No 59%
ARTH206 The Italian Proto-Renaissance To Mannerism No 67%
ARTH207 Baroque Art to Neoclassicism No 34%
ARTH208 Modern Art No 91%
ARTH209 20th Century Art Yes 0%
ARTH210 American Art No 32%
ARTH301 Art Historical Methodologies No 29%
ARTH303 Art of the Islamic World No 5%
ARTH304 African Art Yes 0%
ARTH305 Arts of Asia No 33%
ARTH307 Arts of Latin America No 0%
ARTH401 Early Christian and Byzantine Art No 22%
ARTH406 Buddhist Art No 6%
ARTH408 Contemporary Art No 17%
ARTH409 Roman Architecture No 45%
BIO101A Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology Yes 0%
BIO101B Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology No 95%
BIO101L Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology Lab No 29%
BIO102 Introduction to Evolutionary Biology and Ecology Yes 68%
BIO102L Introduction to Evolutionary Biology and Ecology Lab No 8%
BIO103/MA101 Single-Variable Calculus I Yes 44%
BIO104/MA121 Introduction to Statistics Yes 100%
BIO105/CHEM101 General Chemistry I Yes 100%
BIO106/CHEM102 General Chemistry II No 27%
BIO107/CHEM103 Organic Chemistry I No 60%
BIO108/CHEM104 Organic Chemistry II No 20%
BIO109/PHYS101 Introduction to Mechanics No 97%
BIO110/PHYS102 Introduction to Electromagnetism No 73%
BIO301 Cell Biology Yes 0%
BIO302 Human Anatomy No 61%
BIO302L Human Anatomy Lab No 10%
BIO303 Neurobiology Yes 13%
BIO304 Human Physiology Yes 0%
BIO304L Human Physiology Lab No 7%
BIO305 Genetics Yes 0%
BIO306 Botany No 38%
BIO307 Microbiology Yes 60%
BIO308 Marine Biology Yes 26%
BIO309 Zoology Yes 38%
BIO310 Developmental Biology No 4%
BIO311 Molecular Biology No 19%
BIO312 Evolutionary Biology Yes 0%
BIO313 Population Ecology No 35%
BIO401 Biochemistry No 27%
BIO402 Pathobiology No 19%
BIO403 Biotechnology No 28%
BIO404 Cancer Biology No 37%
BIO405 Computational Biology No 26%
BIO406 Microscopic Anatomy No 8%
BIO407 Immunology Yes 2%
Business Administration
BUS101 Introduction to Business No 85%
BUS103 Introduction to Financial Accounting Yes 0%
BUS105 Managerial Accounting No 0%
BUS200/ECON101 Principles of Microeconomics Yes 38%
BUS201/ECON102 Principles of Macroeconomics Yes 53%
BUS202 Principles of Finance No 38%
BUS203 Principles of Marketing Yes 0%
BUS204 Business Statistics Yes 0%
BUS205 Business Law and Ethics Yes 100%
BUS206 Management Information Systems Yes 16%
BUS208 Principles of Management Yes 0%
BUS209 Organizational Behavior Yes 0%
BUS210 Corporate Communication Yes 48%
BUS300 Operations Management Yes 19%
BUS301 Human Resource Management Yes 28%
BUS303 Strategic Information Technology Yes 0%
BUS305 Small Business Management Yes 47%
BUS306 Advertising and Promotion Yes 35%
BUS401 Management Leadership Yes 26%
BUS402 Project Management Yes 46%
BUS403 Negotiations and Conflict Management Yes 20%
BUS404 Risk Management No 0%
BUS501 Strategic Management No 29%
Career Advancement
PRDV201 Accounting Principles I No 0%
PRDV203 Introduction to Management No 0%
PRDV204 Payroll Applications No 0%
PRDV205 Business Law and Legal Procedures No 0%
PRDV208 Information Management and Processing No 0%
PRDV251 HTML and CSS for Beginners No 0%
PRDV252 Intermediate Excel No 0%
PRDV301 Introduction to Paralegal Studies No 0%
PRDV401 Introduction to Human Resources Management No 0%
PRSM107 Crisis Communication No 0%
SALES101 Marketing Fundamentals No 0%
SALES103 Public Speaking for Sales No 0%
CHEM001/PHYS101 Introduction to Mechanics No 97%
CHEM002/PHYS102 Introduction to Electromagnetism No 73%
CHEM003/MA101 Single-Variable Calculus I Yes 44%
CHEM004/MA102 Single-Variable Calculus II Yes 51%
CHEM101 General Chemistry I Yes 100%
CHEM102 General Chemistry II No 27%
CHEM103 Organic Chemistry I No 60%
CHEM104 Organic Chemistry II No 20%
CHEM105 Physical Chemistry I Yes 0%
CHEM106 Physical Chemistry II No 0%
CHEM107 Inorganic Chemistry No 51%
CHEM108 Analytical Chemistry No 71%
CHEM109/BIO401 Biochemistry No 24%
CHEM201 Advanced Organic Chemistry No 47%
CHEM202 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry No 39%
CHEM203 Bioinorganic Chemistry No 0%
CHEM204 Bioorganic Chemistry No 49%
CHEM205 Spectroscopy No 28%
COMM001 Principles Of Human Communication No 0%
COMM002 Media and Society No 0%
COMM101 Public Speaking No 25%
COMM103 Introduction to Mass Media No 0%
COMM311 Intercultural Communication No 0%
COMM312/BUS209 Organizational Behavior Yes 48%
COMM313/BUS210 Corporate Communication Yes 48%
COMM323 Comparative Media Systems No 0%
COMM324/BUS203 Principles of Marketing Yes 0%
COMM411 Public Relations No 0%
Computer Science
CS101 Introduction to Computer Science I Yes 0%
CS102 Introduction to Computer Science II Yes 29%
CS103/MA101 Single-Variable Calculus I Yes 44%
CS104/MA102 Single-Variable Calculus II Yes 51%
CS105/MA211 Linear Algebra No 56%
CS106/MA121 Introduction to Statistics Yes 100%
CS107 C++ Programming Yes 3%
CS201 Elementary Data Structures No 35%
CS202 Discrete Structures No 0%
CS301 Computer Architecture Yes 0%
CS302 Software Engineering Yes 0%
CS303 Algorithms No 38%
CS304 Compilers No 56%
CS305 Web Development No 10%
CS401 Operating Systems No 38%
CS402 Computer Communications and Networks Yes 0%
CS403 Introduction to Modern Database Systems No 1%
CS404 Programming Languages Yes 8%
CS405 Artificial Intelligence No 95%
CS406 Information Security Yes 0%
CS407 Network Applications Development No 28%
CS408 Advanced Artificial Intelligence No 73%
CS409 Cryptography No 84%
CS410 Advanced Databases No 5%
CS412 Mobile Applications Development No 0%
Customer Service Certification Program
CUST101/PRDV001 Computer Skills and Literacy No 0%
CUST102/PRDV003 Word Processing Using Microsoft Word No 0%
CUST103/PRDV004 Spreadsheets No 0%
CUST104 Business Communications No 0%
CUST105 Customer Service No 0%
ECON101-CLEP Principles of Microeconomics Yes 0%
ECON101 Principles of Microeconomics Yes 66%
ECON102-EXC Principles of Macroeconomics Yes 0%
ECON102 Principles of Macroeconomics Yes 66%
ECON103/MA101 Single-Variable Calculus I Yes 44%
ECON104/MA121 Introduction to Statistics Yes 100%
ECON200 Math for Economists No 0%
ECON201 Intermediate Microeconomics No 50%
ECON202 Intermediate Macroeconomics No 10%
ECON301 History of Economic Ideas Yes 0%
ECON302 Money, Banking, And Financial Markets No 36%
ECON303 Labor Economics No 18%
ECON304 Economic Development Yes 0%
ECON305 Public Finance No 82%
ECON306 Industrial Organization No 11%
ECON307 International Trade No 28%
Try College 101 No 76%
ASTR101 Introduction to Astronomy No 0%
ENVS203 Environmental Ethics, Justice, and World Views No 0%
ENVS504 Society, Economy, and the Environment No 0%
GEOG101 World Regional Geography No 0%
MUS101 Introduction to Music No 36%
PHYS101 Introduction to Mechanics No 97%
PHYS102 Introduction to Electromagnetism No 0%
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology No 0%
SSE101 Survey of Systems Engineering - Part 1 No 0%
STS101 Introduction to Science, Technology, and Society No 0%
STS203 History of Technology No 0%
English Language Arts
K12ELA006 English Language Arts 6 No 0%
K12ELA007 English Language Arts 7 No 0%
K12ELA008 English Language Arts 8 No 0%
K12ELA010 English Language Arts 10 No 0%
K12ELA011 English Language Arts 11 No 0%
English Literature
ENGL000 Pre-College English Yes 0%
ENGL001 English Composition I Yes 0%
ENGL002 English Composition II Yes 0%
ENGL101 Introduction to Literary Studies Yes 0%
ENGL201 ­Medieval English Literature and Culture Yes 0%
ENGL202 Cultural and Literary Expression in the English Renaissance No 42%
ENGL203 Cultural and Literary Expression in the 18th and 19th Centuries Yes 0%
ENGL204 Cultural and Literary Expression in Modernity No 40%
ENGL301 Introduction to Literary Theory Yes 58%
ENGL401 Shakespeare No 47%
ENGL402 The Poetry of John Milton Yes 0%
ENGL403 The Gothic Novel Yes 0%
ENGL404 English Romantic Poetry Yes 0%
ENGL405 The American Renaissance No 50%
ENGL406 James Joyce No 22%
ENGL407 Medieval Women Writers No 37%
ENGL408 Modern Poetry and Poetics Yes 0%
ENGL409 Dante No 60%
ENGL410 The Victorian Novel No 0%
ENGL411 African-American Literature No 17%
ENGL412 Restoration & Eighteenth-century Drama No 46%
HIST101 Ancient Civilizations of the World Yes 50%
HIST102 Early Globalizations: East Meets West (1200s-1600s) Yes 21%
HIST103 World History in the Early Modern and Modern Eras (1600-Present) Yes 27%
HIST104 Historical Methodology: The Art and Craft of the Historian No 24%
HIST201 History of Europe, 1000 to 1800 Yes 23%
HIST202 History of Europe, 1800 to the Present Yes 37%
HIST211 Introduction to United States History: Colonial Period to Reconstruction Yes 0%
HIST212 Introduction to United States History: Reconstruction to the Present Yes 38%
HIST221 Colonial Latin and South America Yes 24%
HIST222 Modern Latin America Yes 0%
HIST231 Empire and States in the Middle East and Southwest Asia No 18%
HIST232 Modern Middle East and Southwest Asia No 82%
HIST241 Pre-Modern Northeast Asia No 7%
HIST242 Modern Northeast Asia No 54%
HIST251 History of Africa to 1890 No 23%
HIST252 Modern Africa No 38%
HIST301 Greece, the Roman Republic, and the Roman Empire Yes 0%
HIST302 Medieval Europe Yes 70%
HIST303 The Age of Revolutions in the Atlantic World, 1776–1848 Yes 0%
HIST311 The Age of the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1500-1900 Yes 30%
HIST312 Capitalism and Democracy in America No 67%
HIST313 War and American Society No 53%
HIST321 Comparative New Worlds, 1400-1750 Yes 30%
HIST341 The Silk Road and Central Eurasia Yes 20%
HIST351 Islam, The Middle East, and The West No 31%
HIST362 Modern Revolutions No 41%
HIST363 Global Perspectives on Industrialization Yes 24%
HIST364 Environmental History No 0%
HIST365/STS203 History of Technology No 0%
Job Search Skills
PRDV101 Job Search Skills No 50%
PRDV102 Resume Writing No 0%
PRDV103 Interviewing Skills No 29%
PRDV104 Professional Etiquette No 0%
K-12 Electives
Common Core 101 No 0%
TPREP101 SAT Prep No 0%
K12MATH006 Math Grade 6 No 0%
K12MATH007 Math Grade 7 No 0%
K12MATH008 Math Grade 8 No 0%
K12MATH009 Algebra I No 0%
K12MATH010 Geometry No 0%
K12MATH011 Algebra II No 0%
K12MATH012 Precalculus I No 0%
K12MATH013 Calculus AB No 0%
K12MATH014 Advanced Statistics No 0%
MA001 Beginning Algebra Yes 0%
MA002 Precalculus I No 0%
MA003 Precalculus II No 32%
MA004 Intermediate Algebra No 0%
MA005 Calculus 1 Yes 0%
MA101-EXC Single-Variable Calculus I Yes 0%
MA101 Single-Variable Calculus I Yes 44%
MA102 Single-Variable Calculus II Yes 51%
MA103 Multivariable Calculus No 46%
MA111 Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning No 13%
MA121 Introduction to Statistics Yes 0%
MA201 Mathematical Logic and Theory of Computation No 0%
MA211 Linear Algebra Yes 56%
MA212 Linear Algebra II Yes 100%
MA213 Numerical Analysis No 99%
MA221 Differential Equations No 42%
MA222 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations No 53%
MA231 Abstract Algebra I No 79%
MA232 Abstract Algebra II No 89%
MA233 Elementary Number Theory No 0%
MA241 Real Analysis I Yes 0%
MA242 Real Analysis II No 0%
MA243 Complex Analysis No 48%
MA251 Statistics II No 6%
MA252 Introduction to Probability Theory Yes 0%
MA302/CS101 Introduction to Computer Science I No 77%
MA303/CS102 Introduction to Computer Science II No 29%
MA304 Topics in Applied Mathematics No 0%
Mechanical Engineering
ME001/MA101 Single-Variable Calculus I Yes 44%
ME002/MA102 Single-Variable Calculus II No 51%
ME003/MA221 Differential Equations No 42%
ME004/CHEM101 General Chemistry I No 100%
ME005/PHYS101 Introduction to Mechanics No 97%
ME006/PHYS102 Introduction to Electromagnetism No 73%
ME007/MA103 Multivariable Calculus No 46%
ME101 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Yes 10%
ME102 Mechanics I Yes 70%
ME103 Thermodynamics Yes 49%
ME104 Computer-Aided Design (CAD) No 53%
ME201 Fluid Mechanics Yes 11%
ME202 Mechanics II - Dynamics No 44%
ME203 Materials and Materials Processing No 0%
ME204 Heat Transfer Yes 5%
ME205 Numerical Methods for Engineers No 95%
ME301 Measurement & Experimentation Laboratory No 83%
ME302 Mechatronics No 0%
ME303 Thermal-Fluid Systems No 37%
ME304 Engineering Communication No 50%
ME401 Dynamic Systems & Controls No 11%
ME402 Design Decisions in Engineering No 11%
ME403 Student Design Project No 13%
PHIL101 Introduction to Philosophy Yes 43%
PHIL102 Logic and Critical Thinking Yes 75%
PHIL103 Moral and Political Philosophy Yes 30%
PHIL201 The Philosophy of Death No 65%
PHIL202 Philosophy of Science No 0%
PHIL304 Existentialism No 0%
Political Science
POLSC101 Introduction to Politics Yes 10%
POLSC201 Introduction to Western Political Thought Yes 70%
POLSC211 Introduction to International Relations Yes 21%
POLSC221 Introduction to Comparative Politics Yes 24%
POLSC231 Introduction to American Politics Yes 0%
POLSC232 American Government No 0%
POLSC241 Introduction to Public Administration No 0%
POLSC251 Research Methods in Political Science Yes 31%
POLSC301 American Political Thought Yes 52%
POLSC302 Contemporary Political Thought Yes 40%
POLSC303 Feminist Politics No 0%
POLSC311 United States Foreign Policy Yes 0%
POLSC312 International Organizations Yes 44%
POLSC313 US Intelligence and National Security Yes 0%
POLSC321 Mideast Politics No 0%
POLSC322 Asia-Pacific Politics No 26%
POLSC323 European Politics No 37%
POLSC324 Latin American/Caribbean Politics No 31%
POLSC325 African Politics Yes 11%
POLSC331 Congressional Politics Yes 32%
POLSC332 The Presidency and the Executive Branch Yes 0%
POLSC333 Campaigns and Elections Yes 24%
POLSC401 Ethics and Public Policy Yes 29%
POLSC402 Global Justice No 0%
POLSC411 International Political Economy Yes 47%
POLSC412 International Law No 8%
POLSC431 Public Policy Process No 16%
POLSC432 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights No 100%
PSYCH101-EXC Introduction to Psychology Yes 0%
PSYCH201/MA121 Introduction to Statistics No 100%
PSYCH202A Research Methods Yes 0%
PSYCH202B Research Methods Lab No 16%
PSYCH203/BIO101 Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology No 40%
PSYCH204/BIO102 Introduction to Evolutionary Biology and Ecology Yes 58%
PSYCH205 Clinical Psychology Yes 0%
PSYCH206 Cognitive Psychology No 24%
PSYCH301 Social Psychology No 0%
PSYCH302A Lifespan Development Yes 5%
PSYCH303 Educational Psychology Yes 0%
PSYCH304 Industrial/Organizational Psychology No 29%
PSYCH305 The Psychology of Learning and Behavior No 8%
PSYCH306 Sensation and Perception No 61%
PSYCH401 Abnormal Behavior Yes 0%
PSYCH402 Neuropsychology No 15%
PSYCH403 Cultural Psychology No 9%
PSYCH404 Psychotherapy No 4%
PSYCH406 Gender and Sexuality No 30%
Real World Math
RWM101 Foundations of Real World Math No 0%
RWM102 Algebra No 0%
RWM103 Geometry No 0%
Workplace Skills
PRDV001 Computer Skills And Literacy No 58%
PRDV002 Professional Writing No 0%
PRDV003 Word Processing Using Microsoft Word No 0%
PRDV004 Spreadsheets No 0%