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Have a question for us? We love questions, so much so that we made a list of them on our Frequently Asked Questions page…you might find yours answered there. For your inquisitorial convenience, see our “greatest hits” immediately below; we expand on all of these in the FAQ. If none of this meets your need, use the form further down to get in touch!

How do I get started?
Find the course you want to take at www.saylor.org, read through the introductory material, find the first link under “Unit 1″, and begin! It will make more sense soon, we promise :)

I’m getting a 404, ‘page not found’, or similar error.
We apologize; it does happen. Try clicking the links again, refreshing the page, or waiting a few minutes…that will usually clear it up.

I created an account, and now it won’t let me sign in!
First, we have to ask — are you sure you’re using the same email address and password that you signed up with? Excellent. Try using the “forgot password” link from the login page, and check your spam folder for any lost messages. No luck? Let us know and we’ll get it fixed.

Is it really free?
Yes, it really is. Honest…no fooling. Free.

Will I receive a certificate?
If you pass the exam at the end of a course with a 70% or better, you will receive a digital certificate of completion.

Do I need to apply?
No, you do not need to apply. We encourage you to sign up for our ePortfolio, but if you wish you can start on any course immediately.

Can you send me course materials?
Unfortunately, because of copyright restrictions for some of our resources we aren’t able to prepare disks with the entire course.

I enrolled in a course in the ePortfolio, and now I don’t know what to do!
Not to worry! This often happens when folks find us first through the ePortfolio. Find your course over at www.saylor.org, and begin there. Alternately, go to the “Courses” then “In Progress” tabs in ePortfolio. Any course you have officially enrolled in will be listed here. Click on the number or title to go to the learning materials.

You can also reach us at our offices:

Business & General Inquiries: (202) 333-4005
Student Inquiries and Helpdesk: (202) 333-4007

1000 Wisconsin Ave. NW
Suite 220
Washington, DC 20007

If your question was not answered above, please fill out this form, and we will get back to you shortly! If you prefer, you can email us directly at contact <at> saylor <dot> org. Oh! If you would like to say something nice about us, you can do so here or over at our Testimonials page. Hey! Join our community?

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