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Jennifer Shoop

Jennifer ShoopContent Development Director
Email: [email protected]

From May-October 2013, Jen  served as Interim Director to the Saylor Foundation, supervising the operations of the Foundation as a whole.  She was the Foundation’s second full-time employee and has headed up the content development wing since its inception.  In her role as Content Development Director, she directs course development across K12, post-secondary, and professional development verticals,  supervising the design and improvement of the hundreds of courses that Saylor.org features and all of the original content created for use therein (including assessments, prose, assignments, and — most recently — audio/visual content).  She spends the majority of her work day monitoring and tweaking the course design process, interfacing with Saylor.org professor consultants, and overseeing the work of the Saylor.org Content Development Team.

Jen was born and raised in Washington, D.C.: yes, she is one of the rare D.C. natives. She received a B.A. in Literature and History from the University of Virginia in 2006 after which she briefly worked at a consultancy before decided to continue her education. She returned to Georgetown University a year later to earn an M.A. in English Literature, where she authored a thesis on intertextual practice in Ezra Pound’s “The Cantos.”  After graduate school, Jen briefly worked as a free-lance editor on various academic projects and books before coming on as an academic consultant to the Saylor Foundation.

In Jen’s free time, she and her husband can be found in the kitchen. They both love to cook, and have taken on increasingly ambitious culinary challenges over the past few years.   When not cooking, she maintains a fashion blog, tries out new exercise routines (most recently, a fitness bootcamp!), and spends time with her siblings (she has 4, and is close to them all!).  However, if Jen could spend her day doing whatever she wanted, she could be found in Paris, shopping.