If you have landed on this page looking for a specific course or courses grouped as a major, please know that we have divided our courses into two groups: supported courses and archived “legacy” courses.

Our 100+ fully-supported courses are available at learn.saylor.org. Our legacy courses now live exclusively at legacy.saylor.org. Please note that exams and new certificates for Legacy courses closed on August 26th, 2015.

Legacy courses are more likely than our fully-supported courses to contain occasional broken links and missing resources. We rely on the community of learners to help keep these courses as current as possible. Like all of our courses, legacy courses are licensed for adaptation and reuse — we encourage you to build on the work we have done! See the legacy site, our FAQ, or forums for ways you can contribute.

For students who want to see the majors or minors programs for our areas of study, see this help center article. Please note that the majors and minors will include legacy courses that do not have final exams or certificates available.