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Liz Powell

Liz Powell Liz is one of the newest members of Saylor’s content development team. She is one of two Content
Development Associates and oversees the editing and course design process. She spends most of her
time working with Saylor’s editors and professor consultants to help coordinate the different stages of
course development.

Liz earned a degree in Professional Writing from Old Dominion University in her hometown of Norfolk,
Virginia. She also received a Master’s Degree in Information Science from the University of South Florida
in Tampa. During this time, she worked as an editor and copy writer for a company on the ground floor
of e-Learning development. She also spent time in Costa Rica teaching English as a Second Language.

When not working or studying, Liz spent a lot of time traveling around the United States as well as
parts of Europe and Central America. She is always up for a road trip and loves exploring new places
and cultures. In her spare time, Liz enjoys writing and hopes to one day complete one of her many
unfinished novels.