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Business Administration

The Business Administration area of study is designed to prepare students for a leadership role in today’s highly competitive, global business environment. You should first complete the Core Program, which consists of a selection of courses that focus on cross-functional business competencies. The core courses will provide you with the range of general business knowledge common to all business career paths. Following the core business courses, you will be able to specialize in the Management discipline by taking six electives, two of which should be at the 400 level, and one of which should be the Capstone Course: BUS501: Strategic Management. These electives are designed to give you the depth of discipline-specific knowledge required to succeed as a leader in a complex, modern organization. The program will conclude with a Capstone Course (BUS501: Strategic Management), in which you will implement and apply the sum of information learned throughout the major in a strategic development project.

Note that there is a stand-alone “Introduction to Business” course (BUS101) included in a separate “Foundational Business” section below. This course is intended for students interested in learning about the field or considering a major in Business Management. However, it is not considered to be part of the Business “major”.

To complete the knowledge equivalent of this major, you should complete the core program (12 courses), as well as BUS501 and 5 electives of your choice (6 courses) for a total of 18 courses.

If you would like to complete the equivalent of a Minor in this area of study, please click here.

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