Computer Science

The Computer Science program will provide you with a breadth of experience in software, hardware, and mathematics.

To complete the area of study, you should first work through the core program and the mathematics courses, which are designed to cultivate a strong foundation in Computer Science. You can then choose from the electives, which will introduce you to some of the more common specializations within the field.

To complete the knowledge equivalent for this major, you should complete the core program (13 courses), the math series (4 courses), and 4 electives (4 courses) for a total of 21 courses.

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Core Program

CS101: Introduction to Computer Science I
CS102: Introduction to Computer Science II
CS107: C++ Programming 
CS201: Elementary Data Structures
CS202: Discrete Structures
CS301: Computer Architecture
CS302: Software Engineering
CS303: Algorithms
CS401: Operating Systems
CS402: Computer Communications and Networks
CS403: Introduction to Modern Database Systems
CS404: Programming Languages
CS405: Artificial Intelligence

Required Mathematics

CS103/MA101: Single-Variable Calculus I
CS104/MA102: Single-Variable Calculus II
CS105/MA211: Linear Algebra
CS106/MA121: Introduction to Statistics

Elective Courses

CS304: Compilers
CS305: Web Development
CS406: Information Security
CS407: Network Applications Development
CS408: Advanced Artificial Intelligence
CS409: Cryptography
CS410: Advanced Databases
CS412: Mobile Applications Development