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English Literature

The English Literature Major is designed to cultivate a broad knowledge of the evolution of cultural and literary expression in English as well as an ability to critically engage with texts of all media. In pursuit of these goals, you will be required to take ENGL101 through ENGL301, a progression that will afford you a working knowledge of the general evolution of literature in English from its Medieval origins to the present. The core program will also familiarize you with the tools and terminology that English Literature scholars have devised in order to facilitate the study and discussion of literature, from Marxist literary theory to poetry scansion techniques.

You will also be required to take four 400-level electives. These specialized electives have been arranged according to period, such that if you find the literature of the Renaissance particularly engaging, you can focus your studies by taking an additional course on that period. Most of the 400-level courses explore a particular genre (poetry, fiction, rhetoric, and drama), so as to enable you to maximize your exposure to the discursive practices of a specific genre, if you are so inclined.

To fulfill the requirements for this major, you must complete the core program (6 courses) as well as 4 electives of your choice (4 courses) for a total of 10 courses.

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Foundational English/Writing

Core Program

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