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About The Saylor Academy

The Saylor Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Washington, D.C., that empowers learners to set their own education goals, achieve mastery, and earn twenty-first century credentials within a rich network of peers, educators, and partners. Our students engage with expertly curated learning objects aligned to robust outcomes and assessments. The Academy is committed to advancing creative models of higher education that champion access and encourage students to own their education. Today, the Academy provides over 300 standard and college credit-aligned courses at the K-12, university, and career levels.

Attribution; or, “what’s in a name?”

Note: in early 2014, we changed our legal name from The Constitution Foundation to The Saylor Academy and we changed our operating name from The Saylor Foundation to The Saylor Academy.

The Constitution Foundation
our longtime business name. This is how we were organized through 2013, if you’re looking for our IRS 990s.

Saylor Academy or The Saylor Academy
our formal legal name and our favored moniker, and appropriate both when referring to us as an organization and to the products and services we offer.

our casual name, and appropriate when referring to the work we do.

our very casual name; you’ll catch us (and others) using it in print, but we try to keep it limited.


We hire credentialed educators to locate, vet, and organize OER and other materials into carefully-designed online learning experiences. Many courses have additionally undergone a peer review process by panels of subject matter experts.

While we do not confer degrees, we offer verifiable certificates and continue to make large strides in connecting our courses to college credit.


“Saylor blue”
Hex: #62a6cb
RGB: 98 166 203
CMYK: C58 M17 Y4 K1

Logo text
Hex: #183241



Note: all displayed logos are web resolution; images in print resolution or in larger sizes are available on request.



  • Use png if a transparent background is desired
  • Use jpg if a smaller file size or white background is desired, especially if the page color would reduce legibility of the logo.
  • Scale the image down if necessary (please make sure that “free education” remains legible)
  • Make sure the image is free of distortion, pixelation, fuzziness, and other artifacts of manipulation
  • Use the logo URLs to add images to a webpage (this will make it more likely that future updates to the logo are reflected immediately on your pages)
  • Ask if you have questions!


  • Use png over a background with dark or similar colors
  • Scale the image up (we will be happy to provide a larger image)
  • Use Saylor Academy intellectual property in a manner that implies endorsement without permission
  • Combine the logo with other images in such a way that they overlap or interfere with one another (exceptions exist)

Full (800 x 200 pixels)

png | transparent background [Link] [high-res]

jpg | white background [Link] [high-res]

Cropped (250 x 250 pixels)

png | transparent background [Link]

jpg | white background [Link]

Media Contact

Sean Connor
Director of Community Relations
sean <dot> connor <at> saylor <dot> org

1000 Wisconsin Ave. NW
Suite 220
Washington, DC 20007

Foundation Facts


Founded: 1999; free education initiative 2009
Trustee: Michael J. Saylor
Tax Status: 501(c)(3)1 | ID: 54-1933630
Foundation Type: Massachusetts Trust
Headquarters: Washington, D.C.
Management: Trustee, General Counsel, Director

Saylor.org by-the-numbers

Office staff (employees)2: ~20
Additional off-site staff: ~10
Advisory Board: 10
Academic Consultants: 200+
Peer Reviewers: 200+
Content Partners: 230+
Area of Study: 24, plus electives
Courses: 317
Credit-aligned courses3: 24
Partner Schools4: 11
Visitors: 100,000+ / month
Enrolled students: 66,000+
Forums participants: 4900+

The high notes (12 months)

Top 5 areas of study: Business Administration, Computer Science, Mathematics, Biology, Mechanical Engineering
Top 5 courses: CS101, MA001, ENGL001, BUS103, BUS101
Top 10 visiting countries: United States, India, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Canada, Australia, Philippines, Egypt, South Africa, Netherlands

1 As “The Constitution Foundation”. IRS 990 forms and other documentation are available from organization such as GuideStar and Foundation Center
2 See our Team page
3 See Credit Aligned Courses page
4 See Partners Schools page

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Updated: August 7, 2014