You can take Saylor Academy courses in any order that works for you, but we have outlined some example course pathways below.

We hope they will serve as a guide toward your particular goals and as inspiration for crafting your own personal program of study. Use the links below to jump to different pathways:

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Foundational Courses [top]

The introductory college-level Liberal Arts and STEM courses in this pathway focus on providing you with core subject knowledge that can carry over into your professional life or prepare you for a broad spectrum of college degree programs. The skills-based foundational courses are designed to help you join the workforce and succeed in entry-level positions.

Full-Length College-Level Courses

Skills Courses

Full Curricula [top]

We feature two full “major” pathways in Business Administration and Computer Science, with appropriate courses from additional disciplines, that mirror the primary sequences of a bachelor’s degree program you might find offered at a traditional higher education institution.

Business Administration




Computer Science




Career-Themed Collections [top]

Use our career-themed collections for continuing education or to prepare for a career in the growing fields of Information Technology, Management, or Business Support Services. Each course in this pathway was chosen for its coverage of the skills and knowledge needed for jobs within these fields.

Business Management

Computer Science

Economics & Accounting

English Language & Communication

Science, Technology, & Mathematics

Social Sciences

Professional Development

Special Programs – Degree Tracks [top]

We have a number of special programs that we run with a variety of great partners, but two get special mention here because they can lead to very affordable degrees through the use of free, open courses from Saylor Academy.

Thomas Edison State University ASBA Program

The Open Course Option allows students to complete the Associate in Science in Business Administration degree at Thomas Edison State University — for just about $3,000 — in part with free, open, online courses from Saylor Academy. Learn More

City Vision University – Qualifi Degree Track

Saylor Academy has partnered with City Vision University and Qualifi, a UK Awarding Organization, to create a special degree track allowing for a Bachelor’s Degree to be completed for as little as $5,000. Learn More