To earn the equivalent of a minor in Psychology, you must complete three broad introductory-level courses (Required Core Courses) as well as three upper-level courses (Elective Courses).

Required Core Courses

Although there are eight Required Core Courses in the Psychology major curriculum, the following four are the primary foundational courses you will need to gain a strong understanding of the field of psychology and to fulfill the requirements of the minor.  Please select three courses from the following four options:

Elective Courses

You must also select three courses at either the 300- or 400-level, with the exception of PSYCH206, which is acceptable as an elective option.  These electives should be taken from the tracks listed below.  Each Track has been categorized and contains courses that fall within along similar domains.  Although your final course selection will leave you with a broad sampling from many areas of psychology, you should consider courses that are based on your individual interests and goals.

Track A (General Psychology) 

Track B (Social/Cultural Psychology)

Track C (Cognitive/Learning Psychology)   

Track D (Physiological Psychology)

Track E (Business Psychology)