Sean ConnorDirector of Community Relations
ePortfolio | @seangconnor

Sean focuses his time on working on discovering, building, and tracking connections between our students and the Saylor Academy.

Sean received his B.A. in History from Williams College (where his only A+ happened on a Contemporary Lit blue book final) and after a spell in the service industry he later continued his studies at Bennington College, dabbling ins screenwriting and earning his Master of Arts in Teaching with a concentration in social studies.

Before coming to work with the Saylor Academy, Sean’s work in education included a stint as a middle school Humanities teacher for English Language Arts and Geography, tutoring, and many happy hours as a mild-mannered library clerk.  He began his tenure with the Saylor Academy as a research assistant and spent some time as a course researcher/archivist.

Sean knows his way around the Google-verse, is learning a little soft coding courtesy of, and is trying to tack on a second language with Duolingo. Having inhabited ten states across the U.S. North, South, East, and West, he presently enjoys living in the greatest city on Earth: Washington, D.C.