Continuing our Consulting Professor Profile series, I’m pleased to introduce you to yet another one of our fantastic professors: Dr. Concepcion Saenz-Cambra.

Since mid-2010, Dr. Saenz-Cambra has been working with the Saylor Foundation, compiling and peer reviewing our history courses. A native of San Sebastián, Spain, Dr. Saenz-Cambra earned several advanced degrees, most recently a PhD in History from the University of Edinburgh. She currently teaches history at New York University, and has also taught at a number of universities around the world including the University of Stockholm, the University of London, the University of Edinburgh, and Ashland University in Ohio. She has also been a fellow of the American Philosophical Society, the Fulbright Commission, and the Swedish Institute. (You can read more of Dr. Saenz-Cambra’s impressive credentials here.)

One of the most striking details about Dr. Saenz-Cambra is that, as a young child, she was told that she was not cut out for a traditional school – and that a proper education was not in her future. And yet, she still went on to earn several master’s degrees and a PhD. As a result of this experience, she has made it her goal to show people that learning does not always have to occur in a classroom. This goal drove her to work with several free education providers, and eventually with the Saylor Foundation. According to Dr. Saenz-Cambra: “This is the first time that I’ve worked with people who are genuinely interested in creating a better system – they actually care and want to create a free education system.”

Click on the video below to hear more about Dr. Saenz-Cambra’s background, what her experience working with has taught her, and why she feels that students can learn in an Open Education environment.

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