Attention educators: Did you know that we are hiring professors to consult for us and help build our courses? We’re looking for qualified individuals to design course “blueprints” for our online collection of college-level courses. Thanks to our amazing pool of consulting professors, we have over 200 complete courses available on

Over the next couple of months, we will be making a focused effort to finalize and complete all 241 courses that we set out to create three years ago. While we have professors contracted to build many of these courses, there are a handful of courses where we’re still in search of that perfect professor to help us out. These courses are:

BUS404: Risk Management
CHEM203: Bioinorganic Chemistry
MA201: Mathematical Logic and Theory of Computation
MA233: Elementary Number Theory
MA242: Real Analysis
MA304: Topics in Applied Mathematics
ME203: Engineering Materials & Materials Processing
ME302: Mechatronics
POLSC303: Feminist Politics
POLSC433: State and Local Government

We would like to call on your assistance in helping us find professors to build these courses. If you know of a professor who has experience teaching any of these courses – and who might be interested in helping us out – please let us know! We will offer you a $250 referral bounty if you refer a professor that we approve to design any one of the ten courses listed above. (Please note: We will issue the referral bounty once that professor completes the course.) Questions? Know someone that might be interested? Send our recruiting team an email and let us know!

The image “Pandora @ MIT” used in this post came from Flickr user pinelife and is licensed under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND license