We’ve just returned from Cambridge 2012, a conference that combined the OpenCourseware Consortium’s global meeting and UK OER’s annual conference and was held at the very beautiful Queens College in Cambridge, UK.  Themes of innovation, impact, and collaboration were sprinkled throughout each of the presentations. While we were familiar with a number of the initiatives presented, like OpenStax College, OER University, and MITx, we were introduced to a number of exciting programs taking place in the UK (SCORE, Jorum, and HumBox, to name a few) and abroad in countries like Indonesia, Australia, India, and Nepal.

On Tuesday, Alana Harrington, Director of the Saylor Foundation, presented Saylor’s content aggregation process and the benefits that our procedure and resulting courses have for the open education community and beyond. These benefits include courses that address the needs of educators and students; the addition of new openly licensed materials; and spotlighting new content providers.  Click here to see Alana’s presentation slides and video.

Want to learn more about the happenings in Cambridge? Several attendees have already blogged about their experience. Click here for a New York Times article on Cambridge 2012, here for a list of blog posts the cover the event and here for a collection of photos taken throughout the conference. And, if you’re on Twitter, check out the hashtag #cam12 for a run-through of attendees thoughts and major takeaways from each presentation.

Next week, Alana and I will travel to Berlin to present at the re:publica conference. Stay tuned to the Saylor Journals for a recap of that event!


The image “Wordcloud generated from #cam12 tweets” used in this post came from Flickr user m.hawksey and is licensed under a Creative Commons CC BY license.