Have a question about a Saylor.org course? Want to introduce yourself to other Saylor.org students? You’re in luck! With today’s launch of the Saylor Discussion Forums, we’re excited to provide a place for Saylor.org students to say hello to other students, ask a question, or start a conversation.

I chatted with Devon Ritter, Saylor’s Special Project Administrator, about the forums yesterday afternoon. Here’s what he had to say: “While we’ve pre-populated it with the courses we offer, the Forums are a blank slate for community interaction. Ideally, they will provide a supplement for the fact that there are no student-teacher interactions on Saylor.org and will allow for more of a peer-to-peer learning experience. In addition to giving students a place to mingle and discuss Saylor.org courseware, we also hope that the Forums will allow us to figure out where there are common issues and questions with our courses and improve our courses as needed”

Students can create new topics within each course forum to ask questions on Saylor.org educational materials, get assistance on problem sets from other Saylor.org students, or report errors or website issues to Saylor.org staff.  They can also add tags to topics and responses, which will allow other students who are working through the courses and facing similar questions or issues find answers and conversations.

Beginning today, Sean Connor, Saylor’s Archivist, and I, the Community & External Affairs Manager, will monitor the Saylor.org Discussion Forums.  We look forward to meeting our students – and addressing whatever questions arise!

Visit the Saylor Discussion Forums at forums.saylor.org

3 thoughts on “Saylor Discussion Forums are now live!

  1. This is an excellent addition to Saylor’s educational programs. Having some type of interaction with other students that are pursuing the same goals as yourself is vital to an online education. Well done Saylor!

  2. Hi student i forgot my ID number can some one help me how to go about it so that i can have it back?

    1. Are you able to log in (username = full email address)? Your ID number would be in the URL for your eportfolio page. In general, the quickest fix is to send an email to [email protected] — you can also get a message to us through the “Help” tab in the lower-left on any page at learn.saylor.org.

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