“I want to see everyone educated in this world”

With this bold statement, Abdul Jabbar Bozdar perfectly captured his – and the Saylor Foundation’s – hope for the future of the Open Education Resources movement.  Abdul is a 24 year-old Saylor.org student and very enthusiastic about the potential that open online courses have to help level the educational playing field for students across the globe.

Originally from Pakistan, Abdul now lives in Nanjing, China where he is studying to get his master’s degree in mechatronic engineering at Southeast University. In addition to his courses at SEU, he’s begun working through mathematics and mechanical engineering courses at Saylor.org.

And what does he have to say about our courses? “I like Saylor very much because it has a course configuration system which I’ve never seen anywhere. … Through that course configuration anyone can setup their full degree course on Saylor.” The free online materials and flexible study schedule make Saylor.org a great resource for motivated learners who may be balancing online courses with an in-person degree or a full-time job.

Abdul is no stranger to online education either. He’s taught mathematics, physics, and English online, and also does freelance work through the online collaborative platforms Elance and oDesk. When asked what he wants to do after he graduates, Abdul says he plans to do his PhD if he can find the right research program.

As for the Open Ed movement, he hopes more people are able to benefit from the types of resources he’s found online. Through education and contact with other cultures, he hopes that everyone – regardless of where they happen to live – is able study and to make the best of their lives.

We couldn’t agree more, Abdul!

Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us. We wish you all the best with your studies and whatever the future holds!

3 thoughts on “Saylor.org Student Profile: Abdul Jabbar Bozdar

  1. That is a busy young man! I’m happy to be reading the stories of the students. I’m taking one course here and I’ve been a little curious about the other people taking advantage of this wonderful place.

    1. Thank you for your comments Cindy.
      I have visited Salyor after a long time. I’m very happy to find a lot of improvements here. Learning is forever. I’m very happy to let Saylor.org know that I have decided to go ahead and finish my PhD.
      Many thanks to Saylor.org and people behind it to spread education for free.

      All the best,


      1. Hello Abdul,

        We saw your tweet of the post as well! I’m glad to see you around and pleased to hear the news on the Ph.D.

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