Have you noticed anything different about our homepage? Okay, yes…we updated a couple of the images in the banner, but not that. Further up. No? Huh…let’s try it this way:

Areas of Study, old and new.

Yup! We are pleased to announce a new Area of Study: Communications! You can take a look at it here.

Our Comm field has 22 courses slated, comprising 19 new and upcoming courses and 3 existing courses cross-listed from our Business Administration area of study.

7 of those courses are ready to roll, including these newcomers:
COMM001: Principles Of Human Communication
COMM101: Public Speaking
COMM103: Introduction to Mass Media
COMM411: Public Relations

And these oldies-but-goodies:
COMM312/BUS209: Organizational Behavior
COMM313/BUS210: Corporate Communication
COMM324/BUS203: Principles of Marketing

Take a look, dig in, and let us know what you think!

Communications Area of Study

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