In the first offering below, Peter Harsha of the Computing Research Association clues us in to the idea that fluency in computers is about more than what we might pick up in high school (or even college) classes; it’s about “knowing…how to use a computer to solve problems.” Folks once thought that personal computing was a solution in need of a problem. As it turns out, we have a few spare problems lying around.

Sophisticated Computer Literacy, a Necessity in the Workplace (MetropolisMag)

Get A Free Education Online (TechHive)
Even within the wide world of the interwebs, there are different ways to learn. Prefer podcasts over textbooks? Want the prestige of the Ivy League? Need a step by step guide to learn some new AV skills? This article outlines various ways of learning online and on the cheap.

Pearson Announces Project Blue-Sky (The EdTech Times)
Tuesday was newsworthy…there was that election thing, of course, but then there was this. Teachers  everywhere will likely want to check into Pearson’s new cloud-based content service for OER. A collaboration with Gooru, this system aims to break down barriers and provide faculty with a comprehensive platform to sustain universal access to OER. Cheers!

How Bad Is It? (Inside Higher Ed)
Are you into number crunching, social constructs and perhaps crying into your pillow? Then this essay on the student debt crisis by Jacob P.K Gross should leave you feeling the need to give free and accessible education to everyone!

Online Courses from the American Cancer Society Offer Information to Help Patients Manage Stress (MesotheliomaHelp)
Online learning isn’t just about academia these days. The free “I Can Cope” series from the American Cancer Society aims to help patients, caregivers and families subsist with a cancer diagnosis and the stages of treatment. Individuals can explore the series as a means to learn, manage fatigue, improve communication, and process emotions. Heavy stuff, but a great resource nonetheless, and further indication that learning of all kinds and to all purposes is increasingly happening online.< Have an #opened or #OER article that we missed? Hit us up on @saylordotorg or Facebook to loop us in!