credit options - StraighterLine, Excelsior College, CLEP, etc.

Apologies if you’ve caught this already in the social media streams…this is just to share that we’ve made a print-edition debut in the Chronicle of Higher Education:

A Dot-Com Entrepreneur’s Wild Ambition: Drive Education Costs to Zero

For our part, we’re just thrilled to mention it. But for anyone interested in the origins of, why we do what we do, and especially in the “wild ambition” that carries us forward, you’ll definitely want to check this out.

Here are some of the high points and takeaways:

  • We are nitroglycerine (but probably more stable)
  • 267 free college courses, with K-12 and grad programs on the way
  • Our trustee, Michael Saylor, conceived the idea back in 2000 (and someone counted us out, but here we are)
  • Study Groups!
  • Affordable college credit possibilities via Excelsior College, StraighterLine, CLEP, and more.
  • We’re also a gadfly, apparently.

There you have it, folks. We’re a nitroglycerine gadfly with “global implications”.

Hey, we’re cool like that.