Domino SpiralIt’s all happening, people. The education ecosystem is basically in the middle of a spiral domino effect – as if you didn’t realize this already.

We start our first piece today with The Carnegie Foundation –  inventor of the credit hour – as they announce a year long “intervention”, if you will, to determine a new standard for measuring college credit. As student competency issues continue (see the next story) and innovation creates new platforms for post-secondary learning – the current by-hour unit is set to expire – it’s just a matter of how and when.

Carnegie, the Founder of the Credit-Hour, Seeks Its Makeover (The Chronicle)

Who Will Hold Colleges Accountable? (The New York Times)
Some supporting opinion can be found here for reevaluating credit hours as we know it. Last month, The Chronicle revealed another short-cut taken by college athletes to remain eligible to play ball. Western Oklahoma State College offers 10-day online courses and quick turn-around transcripts that allow a college player to make up for any failed classes or missing credit hours before a big game. As if online learning doesn’t have it tough already. Sigh.

This Time Is Different: US Employment and Enrollment Divergence (e-Literate)
Are you a big picture thinker? Then you’ll appreciate these statistics and analysis by the blog e-Literate showing employment and enrollment trends over the last 30 years. If you’re feeling really ambitious this morning, you can check the stats on The Chronicle’s StratEDgy blog on degrees and debt.
credit: OLDaily

Headhunting by MOOC (Alastair Creelman)
MOOCs might be carving out a lasting value-add to job seekers and employers alike. Coursera announced an opt-in only program allowing employers access to student data – as a potential tool for recruitment. Hint: Badges and test scores aren’t necessarily the only thing employers are looking at, “cyber civility” is key to showcase your interaction and etiquette on course discussion forums.
credit: OLDaily

Impact of Major on Career Path for 15600 Williams College Alums (Satyan Devadoss, Hayley Brooks, Kaison Tanabe)
Ooh, look at all the pretty colors. OK, so we’re easily amused – but a closer look at this CIRCOS visual shows us the relationship between completed majors and subsequent employment of Williams College alumni. Obviously, we want one too.

UK Universities embrace the free open online future of higher education powered by The Open University
We have a new player in the game with The Open University and Futurelearn, OU’s new MOOC venture. An invasion of British uni’s are on board and Ministry officials are supporting the new company’s goals to enter the MOOC game.

photo credit: FracturedPixel via photopin CC BY NC SA