With our offices on a brief hiatus, we’re taking a short break from the blog as well. So no news round-up today! There’s lots you might do instead:

    • Finish up a free online course (ours or, you know, we hear there are others out there)
    • Dive in to a new area of study
    • Send us a virtual postcard
    • Remix a free college textbook
    • Do some biology:


We would like to take the opportunity, however, to say this: happy holidays to all who are celebrating this week and who have celebrated this month (and everyone else besides!) and best wishes for the close of 2012. We’ll be back soon, and in the meantime, keep in touch with us via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!

Credit: XKCD comic is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 license