This comes courtesy of the ever-resourceful Akash K., who’s clued us in to more than a few free and/or open resources out there. We like that! If you’d care to contribute your own, let us know — comments, social media, or straight to David, who’s keeping track of this sort of thing. We haven’t yet been able to integrate these labs into our courses, but they’re too great not to share — and we’re going to make a regular habit of sharing some of our favorite stuff directly with you.

Free of cost (and some openly licensed) virtual labs covering:

  • electronics/communications
  • computer science
  • engineering (electrical, mechanical, chemical, biological, biomedical, civil)
  • physical & chemical sciences.

Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) under the National Mission on Education through ICT (India)

We have put together a document — linked below — that attempts to align the virtual labs from IIIT Hyderabad (which are licensed as Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0) with some of our courses. This alignment is a few months old, but if you’re taking CS, Chem, or Engineering courses with us, check it out to see if your course might line up.


Looking ahead: new Janurary OER Newsletter will be out on Monday. If you’ve missed the others, check ’em out!