Here’s a one-off article; this one got us thinking, as talk about college costs is apt to do.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reported the other day on a proposal in the California state legislature to institute a ‘$10,000 degree‘ — following the leads of Texas and Florida, two other populous, high-GDP U.S. states.

We’ve proposed a cost of $0 to students for our vision(s) of a 21st-century education, but even so, $10k continues to looks mighty good from where we stand in 2013.

Are proposals like this one sustainable? Suitable? Necessary? What will it take to hold down the rising costs of education…or is that not even the question we should be asking?

It will differ from nation to nation, of course, from state to state, and indeed from person to person, but what is your magic number? What’s the price you’ll happily pay? What’s the price beyond which you seek out alternative pathways…or has that point already come and gone?

Photo credit: mattieb via photopin CC BY-SA 2.0

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