Need to brush up on your grammar skills? Having trouble writing that term paper? Well you’re in luck because we’ve got some fabulous resources that are here to help you out. Happy Writing!

Helpful Videos


The Way We Write

(Albiene Christian U.)
This 14-minute long video is a showcase of various professors and students chatting up their favorite writing techniques. Do you outline first? Ask a friend for brutal honesty? Or mull over a topic for weeks on end before you can pour it out on the page? Find out how these folks get started and make it through the writing process. (Open License)


Invisible Barriers

(Jean Kavanaugh & Tom Craswell, Open Course Library)
Have you ever noticed that the way we talk is different from the way we think?  Made available through Open Course Library on You Tube, You can also use this video to refine and fine tune your searching skills! (Open License)


Creating Mind Maps

(Jean Kavanaugh & Tom Craswell, Open Course Library)
Learn how to brainstorm and create mind maps to help you formulate your argument by watching this video. (Open License)

Need more help? You can also simply use the You Tube search bar and search the topic you want, or simply look at more resources here below:

Other Resources

Writing Center Handouts

The UNC-CH Writing Center has provided some exercises and tips to boost your writing skills here. (Permitted)




L. Kipp Wheeler’s Pages

  (Dr. L. Kipp Wheeler)
If you have a medieval literature test coming up, look to Dr. Wheeler for extra study guides, tips and hints. Pro Tip: Check Dr. Wheeler’s bio page to for a little humor and insight into his work. (Academic Permission)




Writer’s Web

 (U. of Richmond Writing Center)
Not sure how to get started on that Chem lab write up? Rocky start on that POLSCI 231 American Revolution paper? U. of Richmond’s Writing Center has created a very helpful set of exercises, discipline-specific writing guides and much more to refine your style no matter what class you’re in. You can explore by term, or simply browse in alphabetical order. (Academic Permission)



Basic Writing


Here is a resource from wikibooks to help you get back to the basics. If you want to find similar items, simply type your desired topic in the search bar. (Open License)