You can always check out the release for more details, but here’s the gist of what we announced today:

Thomas Edison State College (in historic Trenton, New Jersey!) will create new exams and assessments for some of our most popular courses, and we’ll map/re-align some of our courses to match existing exams in the Thomas Edison State College Examination Program (TECEP®).

What this means in the reasonably near-term is the possibility for 3 college credit hours per course for $99 per exam and $10 for a transcript request. A number of schools currently have TECEP® policies, including Drexel University, Excelsior College, Lesley University, SUNY Empire State College, and most NJ schools (though students should, of course, check with their institution to determine the credit transfer possibilities). Information on how this works is on our credit pathways page.

Here’s what we’ve got for the initial slate:

Questions? Suggestions? Concerns? Let us know!