If watching us on Twitter and Facebook, (or just nosy, bored, etc.) you might have noticed that we have started posting snapshots of our past. Archive.org and its Wayback Machine have given us the power to time travel and explore what Saylor.org has looked like in the past. We’ll post a few more next week! Over time, we have gone from only a handful of staff and consultants (2011), to lots more and an expansion of office space (2012) This has led us to break through (and now far surpass) our goal of 241 courses with about 3,000,000 visits last year!

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As we look ahead to the future, keep an eye out for grades 6-12 Math and ELA courses (to be followed by more grades and likely more subject), and also graduate level courses! Here’s to the future and beyond!

Check out our Facebook and Google+ pages for the images, and then give it a shot yourself…visit the Wayback Machine, type in the name of a site, and start time travelling!