This bonus quick post on free/open language learning resources is directly inspired by Laura Franklin’s 10 French Resources for Students Anywhere over on COERLL’s (fairly) new Open Up blog. Seriously, before reading on, go check ’em out:

(These folks) –>

(Extra bonus: the blog is even CC BY.)

Anyway. As some of our students and community members have noticed and reminded us (and reminded us), we don’t have much on offer for foreign languages, although we do link to the wonderful introductory French courses at Carnegie Mellon University’s Online Learning Initiative (OLI). The dearth of language courses at, however, should in no way suggest a lack of tremendous and fun language learning resources available as OER. COERLL itself is a great place to start, and they don’t even remotely confine themselves to French materials.

But back to Open Up, Laura Franklin writes in her post about some of the best French language resources listed in MERLOT (a font of teaching and learning materials, where Laura is a World Languages editor). These are classroom-ready resources that can serve independent learners too, and there are plenty where these came from. MERLOT has served us well in our courses research.

If you’re keen on learning languages, or know some teacher friends who could use the hook-up, tune them in to MERLOT, COERLL, and all the rest! It’s a very good time to be a learner.

I’ll pull a line from the post I love: “This is the open world I always hoped for.”

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