Is Einstein’s theory of relativity still confusing to you? Do you want to explore physics in real-live action? Are you more of a visual learner who would like to see physics in motion? Well you’re in luck! Here are some resources to aid you in your physics travels.

Helpful Videos

Flash animationsFlash Animations for Physics

(U. of  Toronto)
This helpful resource from the U. of Toronto is available for your viewing pleasure and also for educational purposes. Various topics are covered, including chaos, waves, and fluid mechanics.  Also, they are available in Greek, Dutch, Hungarian and Polish! (Open License)

PHET sims

PhET Physics Simulations

(PhET, U. of Colorado @ Boulder, CO.)
These simulations can help keep you interested in the mesmerizing and engaging world of physics. This site is also available in many languages. (Open License)


(Khan Academy)
Short and sweet concepts videos from the Khan Academy. (Perhaps you’ve heard of them?) (Open License)

METOCWGeneral Physics Lab Experiments

Brought to you by the Middle East Technical University in Turkey, which has a whole lot more worth exploring, in both English and Turkish. (Open License)

Other Resources

scholarpediaEncyclopedia of Physics 

Scholarpedia has a nice bunch of articles on physics and astrophysic.. The articles come from many different authors and have been fine tuned through the process of peer-review; they might break your brain, but it’s worth it. (Open License – by article)

nuclearNuclear Warfare

(U. of Notre Dame)
Is science just not your thing? Check out this course, specifically designed for non-science majors…and good evidence for why everyone should know a little physics. (Open License)

Motion MtnMotion Mountain 

(Schiller, Motion Mountain Physikverein)
This German organization has committed itself to a 25-year project to make physics more engaging! Come explore what they have available for you! (Open License)

FlexbookBasic Physics, 2nd ed.

(Flexbooks CK-12)
CK-12 has a collection of e-books (and some videos too!) that can be helpful to help keep the hard sciences more down-to-earth. (Open License)

OCWOpen Courseware Consortium

Okay, maybe we’re cheating here…the members institutions (such as yours truly) of OCWC have just about everything on offer. In any case, just search for physics and ready, set, LEARN! (Open License)

5 thoughts on “Great Physics Resources for Educators, Students, and the Just Simply Curious

  1. These are all great resources. Thank you for sharing them! However, most people interested in learning physics already know about them. What I’m curious about is where a physics major is in the queue for Saylor. I know you have a lot of other things to worry about, too, but this is something I’ve wanted since first learning about Saylor and I’ve not seen much in the way of commentary on when it’s expected to happen. Even something vague like “fourth quarter 2016” is fine.

    1. @Chris Nehren: Although we aren’t planning on doing a Physics major at the moment, you are more than welcome to make a request of certain course that you would really like to take, and we will forward it to our course development team. Please feel free to email us at [email protected]. And don’t lose hope yet, we might be revisiting the thought of making it a major area of study in the future! 🙂

      @Mohammed Anas: Glad to help!

    1. Well, there is this Intro to Mechanics course:, which is followed by an electromagnetism course:

      Unfortunately, our once-planned physics major is on indefinite (read: likely permanent) hold. However, you may be interested in this list of open/free physics resources; lots of good stuff here:

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