David’s done it again. You might remember us mentioning our first appified* course (“We Love Resources: Special ME102 App Edition“) a couple weeks ago, and now we’re happy to chat up one of our courses that flies under the radar: Management Information Systems.

This course “bridges the gap between computer science and the well-known business disciplines of finance, marketing, and management….You may not know it, but you use MIS every day.”

BUS206 Resource Center

So what’s changed? New resources have been placed throughout the units and marked as “optional” — if you want to see them all at once, though, just click on the link under the Resource Center for BUS206 (see image, right).

We’ve added WAGmob’s “Simple ‘n Easy MIS” app for both Android and iOS ($1.99, optimized for phones and tablets, and yes, utterly optional). This app brings you tutorials, quizzes, and flashcards designed to help you get a handle on “the basics.” Our course consultants have spread these in-app resources throughout the course at appropriate points.

And hey — we’re still pretty new at this, so let us know what you think. What courses are just begging for mobile (or web) apps? Will this change your decision on diving into BUS206? Anyway, we’re here, and we’re listening…happy studies!

*Side note. We searched “appify” on the Web. It’s got kind of a pejorative slant. We’re taking it back.