Political Science at Saylor.orgWe’ve just launched our first CLEP-aligned course!

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP®) is a widely-recognized credit-by-exam program. According to The College Board’s website, 2,900 higher education institutions are willing to accept CLEP exams for credit.

While our course is not endorsed by The College Board, we’ve carefully re-worked our Intro to American Politics course (POLSC231) into POLSC232: American Government. While similar to 231, the new 232 is designed with one purpose in mind: to prepare students for success on the CLEP American Government exam. It comes with its own (free, obviously) final examination, so you can get some practice in before the real deal.

If you’re in school or thinking of going to school, give this some serious consideration…the exam isn’t free, but it’s much, much cheaper than three or four credits at the full tuition rate, and all your study materials from Saylor.org come in at around, oh, $0.

Now, a call-out to our students: if you turn Saylor.org learning into college credit, we would love to hear from you! We want to let a skeptical (cynical?) world know that free, open educational resources can have a meaningful impact for students, and sharing your story (even anonymously) will help us get that message across.

Last thing! Take a look at our College Credit Pathways and Partners pages for more courses that can lead to inexpensive credit. We have more courses and credit options on the way!