CommunityOne of the first places I go on a website is the team page, if there is one. There’s something about seeing the faces, names, and quirks behind the site that kind of takes the strange off and kickstarts community.

There’s nothing really surprising in that, of course.

It’s why we invite you to share a bit  of your story with us and others in the wider community. Some of that happens spontaneously — a look at the introductions page in our forums shows a lot of stories, some of them quite inspiring.

Just in that little corner of the web, we’ve heard from people in the U.S., India, Canada, Nigeria, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Jordan, and plenty more. Some people are looking to boost their resume or modernize their skills. Others are trying to supplement — or find alternatives to — formal schooling. Some people are reaching out for education that might otherwise be beyond them due to cost, location, politics, family responsibilities, etc.

I dare you to read that thread and not have a better day.

We’re sending an invitation again, and will continue to do so: tell us your story, and let us share it with the world!

If you’re shy about pictures and names, that’s no problem — nobody has to know who you are. If you’re hesitant to be a booster (and hey, I’m not a natural-born cheerleader myself), no worries — we want to hear about you, not so much about us (I mean, a little bit about us, but we’ll take what we can get).

By sharing a bit about yourself through our blog, you’re helping to inspire us, your fellow students, and maybe even yourself. Honestly, some of the stories I’ve heard from you definitely deserve a broader audience.

We’re out in front of a massive, world-wide change in education. The two-decade-old educational promise of the Web is picking up steam…and it isn’t just, or Coursera, or Udacity, or Udemy, or Khan Academy, or any of those. It’s all of the above, and you, and the whole crazy Internet community.

So…care to help us put a face and name (or an avatar and a pseudonym) to these stories? Get the word out…and take a chance on getting to know fellow learners from everywhere in the world.

Meet your fellow learners.