BUS208 icon iTunes UThe world needs managers. You don’t have to like it, but there it is. Or maybe we should re-phrase: the world needs good managers. Principled managers.

How do we get there? Some folks seem born for the job: cool, calm, collected; conscientious in both praise and criticism. Most others need a bit of help before they’re ready to lead. Enter our BUS208: Principles of Management course, freshly available on iTunes U.

And, really, we’re most of us managers in one way  or another. From project leaders to peer leaders, lots of people who might not think of themselves as “managers” do practice the very skills that make for organizational success.

This course examines what good managers do and how they do it, encouraging employees at all levels (regardless of what’s on their business cards) to understand the key principles of management.

If you prefer the PC version, BUS208 here at Saylor.org isn’t going anywhere. For those of you with an iOS inclination, we’ve got 42 additional courses to enjoy on your iDevice, and all of those plus 240 more to explore at Saylor.org via your favorite browser.