Free MOOC from Sunstone Business School and the Saylor Foundation

Sunstone Business SchoolWe’ve teamed up with Sunstone Business School for their upcoming MOOC “Being an Effective New Leader“! Materials from our BUS401: Management Leadership help to round out the course, which is built, hosted, and facilitated by Sunstone.

You’ll learn how to1:

  • Influence without authority
  • Make decisions even with incomplete data
  • Help people do their best to deliver exceptional results
  • Maintain goal clarity even through ambiguous circumstances


  • Starts Monday, April 29
  • Ends Sunday, May 12
  • Enrollment deadline: Saturday, April 27
  • Approximately 20 hours total (i.e. 10 hours per week)

You’ll work on your own and with fellow students in a problem-based learning environment, emerging in mid-May as (we can hope) a more-effective leader.

Enroll now at Sunstone Business School, and while you’re at it, check out Sunstone’s other open courses!

Let us know how everything goes!

1 Source: Sunstone.