Sunstone Business SchoolWe’ve teamed up with Sunstone Business School for their upcoming MOOC “Being an Effective New Leader“! Materials from our BUS401: Management Leadership help to round out the course, which is built, hosted, and facilitated by Sunstone.

You’ll learn how to1:

  • Influence without authority
  • Make decisions even with incomplete data
  • Help people do their best to deliver exceptional results
  • Maintain goal clarity even through ambiguous circumstances


  • Starts Monday, April 29
  • Ends Sunday, May 12
  • Enrollment deadline: Saturday, April 27
  • Approximately 20 hours total (i.e. 10 hours per week)

You’ll work on your own and with fellow students in a problem-based learning environment, emerging in mid-May as (we can hope) a more-effective leader.

Enroll now at Sunstone Business School, and while you’re at it, check out Sunstone’s other open courses!

Let us know how everything goes!

1 Source: Sunstone.