small_2092655491Good morning and happy Monday! As the sun rises on another Monday morning, we look at a world the is so digitally interconnected, and yet human interaction and teamwork are still key to bridging gaps. Can the internet become the medium for this effective interaction to occur?

We begin with a look at MIT and Haiti. The two have joined together to launch an intiative that can “transform education in Haiti.” How will it be transformed? Through enhanced science and math materials that will be available in Kreyole, the official national language of the Carribean island nation. Thanks to joint investments and foreign aid, this long-term partnership can now begin to help Haiti in  what experts say is the best possible way.

Landmark MIT-Haiti Initiative Will Transform Education In Haiti (WSJ)

Summer Texting, Mentoring Keeps Incoming College Students on Track (Education Week)
About 40% of the students who were originally committed to going to college, do not follow through. BUT there is still hope: counselors are sending texts and peer mentors “offering encouragement” can be of service. Researchers concluded that this could a viable low-cost solution, as budgets continue to decline.

New MOOC Provider Says It Fosters Peer Interaction  (Chronicle of Higher Ed.)
And in the world of MOOCs a new provider claims that it fosters peer interaction. This key element has often been elusive in past university MOOCs, but Stanford U. Professor Amin Saberi’s NovoEd has students form discussion groups from the start, and even offers a ‘crash course in creativity.’

‘Real World’ Social Media Helps Students Bond, Say Researchers (Education Week)
Various studies have found mixed results on the topic of increased child social interaction over the world wide web. One positive result, is children could actually show signs developing deeper interaction skills, after using virtual worlds that are closer to ‘real life’ experiences.

Well? Is digital interaction really bridging gaps around the world? Can it be as long-lasting as some may claim? Please feel free to let us know your thoughts and comment below.

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