small__7378423316Good Morning and Happy Monday! This week, science and experimentation have made some great advances lately-thanks to technology. Some have been getting some help from politics and rewards. Still, others are in the experiment stage.

We begin this week with online test proctoring. Webcams can provide us with the ability to take videos  and pictures of ourselves and others. This often allows us to create videos and photos which can be smoothly posted on the web. Especially if your smartphone is not at your disposal. Proctor U and others have taken advantage of these capabilities and helped universities proctor online exams. How? Well, by using the webcam to their advantage and tracking eye movement and body language clues to ensure that the student is focused on their exams. A few universities are giving this new a idea a shot, but others are still skeptical as regulations are still key both on and off the camera.

Behind the Webcam’s Watchful Eye, Online Proctoring Takes Hold (Chronicle of Higher Ed.)

Beta Testing Ed. Products Can Get Tricky for Schools (Ed. Week)
Other experiments have been conducted in the realm of K-12. Some of these are still in the exciting Beta-testing stage. But one of the bloggers at EdWeek wonders how much extra work does this force on the administration and teachers?

Obama Announces STEM AmeriCorps Initiative at Science Fair (Ed. Week)
On April 22nd, President Obama held the 3rd annual Science Fair at the White House. According to our Pres., these inventions and science experiments made by students have shown him that there is a need to pay special attention to these STEM subjects.This time, Obama is calling on Americorps, and First to work together to further advance the world of science and robotics in K-12 curricula.

Immigration Bill Would Help DREAMERs, Boost STEM (Ed. Week)
Immigration reform is in the forefront of the US Congress’ mind these days. In particular, the focus is on a certain act that would allow children who came to the US without documentation to become American citizens more quickly.This bill also has called for an increase in H1-B visas, which is for temporary working engineers and also funds to help STEM programs at minority universities.

Video: President Obama honors Jeff Charbonneau as Teacher of the Year (The Seattle Times)
Last but not least, one teacher’s advancements in science through robotics and resourcefulness has been rewarded. Jeffrey Charbonneau of Zillah, was awarded with the 63rd National Teacher of the Year award, for his efforts in transforming his schools formerly troubled science curriculum. Feel free to watch the ceremony here, courtesy of the Seattle Times.

Have a great week! In other news…
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