open doorGood Morning and Happy Monday! The word of the week is “OPEN.”

We begin today with the Former U.S. Secretary of Education, Richard W. Riley. Riley hopes to reduce costs for the states by creating a “plan of interstate reciprocity.” This could dismantle barriers (often caused by various regulations) and open the road to streamlined distance learning.

Former Education Secretary Seeks to Simplify States’ Distance-Education Rules (Chronicle of Higher Ed.)

Canvas LMS Maker Launches Open Education Apps Directory (Information Week) This Information Week article highlights the upcoming launch of an open education app directory. With ‘one-click’ install ability, search engines, and user reviews, this directory can help instructors know what’s out in the world to truly help them and their students.

3-D Printing Initiative in U.S. School Attracts International Visitors (Ed. Week)
Budford Middle School science students are making headlines in Japan. What’s the buzz? Making 3-D printers open for students’ use in the school science lab! “This is what President Obama talked of in his State of the Union address, about bringing technology into schools for job training.”

Out of politics, Ron Paul launches his own curriculum (Washington Times)
Ex-Congressman Ron Paul has made his philosophy on education open to home-schooled students of the U.S. What is his philosophy? Well it consists of his “four core tenants” of education: knowing how to start a business, defend the philosophy of freedom and succeed in college, and being knowledgeable about Western History. Well? Are these measures really making education open to others? How can we ensure quality is an important part of the open process?

In other news… In ‘Disturbing’ Reversal, Chinese Applications Fall at U.S. Graduate Schools (Chronicle of Higher Ed.)
The Realities of MOOCs (Stoatly Different E-learning Blog) Study: More Adult Pell Grant Students, Not Enough Graduating (NPR)

Photo Credit: h.koppdelaney via photopin CC BY ND 2.0.

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