You’ve probably seen this already, and we haven’t exactly gone to great lengths to hide it, but today it’s official:

Our first batch of K-12 courses, aligned to Common Core State Standards and built to be as open as possible, have been released.

None of us is happier than Angelyn Pinter, who’s been working non-stop on this since the middle of last year. We’ll be sharing more thoughts on the program this week and next, but here’s the quick version:

  • Ideal for teachers, parents, students, homeschools
  • Vetted, organized, well-structured content
  • 3 Math, 1 ELA, 1 Common Core primer live now
  • Full set of 6-12 + AP-style ELA and Math coming soon
  • K-5 and additional subjects in the future

Let us know if how you plan to use these, what you’d like to see, and share with your parent/teacher/homeschool friends!