MMD reflectionGood Morning and happy Monday! Today is Memorial Day for Americans and us here at Saylor. As we take a step back and reflect on the news of week, we can look at what one can learn from others and how that push expand to bigger and better things.

We begin this week with an interesting article from Ed Surge. Social Science Writer,  Eric Horowitz is curious about how technology might be able to influence child behavior in a positive way. While he is reflecting on this topic, Horowitz focuses the areas where students will generally defy their teachers, such as: health, finance,  and even social interactions. Since technology is quite “emotionless,” Horowitz is optimistic about how it might be able to educate students through less lecturing and social pressure to explore and learn from others about the virtues of good behavior.
Teaching Behavior: Can Technology Succeed Where Humans Have Failed? (Ed. Surge)

What Colleges Can Learn From K-12 Education (Chronicle of Higher Ed.)
Usually we see higher ed. as a model for secondary and elementary ed. However, this journalist would rather us take more of a back to basics approach. He highlights the high academic achievements of racially and/or economically integrated schools and how federal funds have aided those in need of remedial education.

What Professors Can Learn From ‘Hard Core’ MOOC Students (Chronicle of Higher Ed.)
Word is out that maybe professors should reflect upon what students have achieved online. Rumor has it that the low-cost certificate that one receives upon completion of a MOOC are addictive and contagious. The tips? Organization and clarity; Focusing on what the Prof. can bring to the course; the importance of text; and a strong sense of passion.

MOOC Provider edX More Than Doubles Its University Partners (Chronicle of Higher Ed.)
Last but not least, after reflecting on what’s before us, one often looks to tomorrow. EdX has recently partnered with 15 other universities, as it looks to expand its reach. The new partners come from all around the world, like Kyoto University in Japan, Boston University in the US, Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium and University of Queensland in Australia.

Happy Memorial Day to all of our US students, staff, and consultants! Thank you to all those who have served our country!

Have a great week! In other news…
Graduation Rates: Flawed as a Measure of Colleges, but Still Useful (Chronicle of Higher Ed.)
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Windows XP Deadline Puts Pressure on Schools (Ed. week)

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