Want to take a PSYCH course for credit? Interested in the general history of psychology and the nature vs. nurture debate? Then consider your needs and desires fulfilled (including your sub-conscious ones)! PSYCH 101-EXC is our newest course and it’s also a pathway to credit through Excelsior College.

This course is complete with optional apps, readings, and video lectures to help you every step of the way, and when you have finished all of the units and feel confident that you’ve got Freud’s theories under control, you can take the UExcel® exam for credit.
 As a Saylor student, you will only have to enroll with Excelsior, and pay $95  in order to take the exam and receive credit for the course. Students who want to receive credit with their respective college or univeristy, can request a transcript and  receive 3-6 transfer credits with over 2500 different colleges and universities.