BUS305Interested in  starting a business? Got an idea that might just yield a profit? Or maybe you’re looking to expand your current entrepreneurial endeavors? Then let’s get to work, and rejoice! BUS 305: Small Business Management is now available on iTunes and it’s our course o’ the week!

Learn how to best analyze and evaluate these ideas and write business plans as you watch video lectures, read one of the 3 e-texts,  and engage in other relevant activities. By the end of the course, you also should learn how to write a marketing plan, examine an entrepreneur’s personal potential in the field, and ways to finance business ventures.

If you prefer the PC versionBUS305 here at Saylor.org isn’t going anywhere. For those of you with an iOS inclination, we’ve got 46 additional courses to enjoy on your iDevice, and all of those plus 242 more to explore at Saylor.org via your favorite browser.