Whew. It’s been a busy week here at Saylor.org and we’re on the move abroad in our latest announcement. Adamjee-Life-Academy-Logo-1

We’re pleased to share our support and partnership with Adamjee Life, one of the largest life insurance companies in Pakistan. Their latest endeavor, Adamjee Life Academy, launched this week and yours truly is providing the OER to support their online learning and knowledge-sharing platform. The mission? Providng completely free Bachelors-level and Workplace Skills courses to Adamjee life employees and beyond.

Featured Saylor.org courses include  Time and Stress ManagementCorporate Communication and Strategic Managementamong others. Even more exciting? Adamjee Life will play favorites, giving preference to potential and existing employees holding Saylor Foundation certificates, making the decision to take on free learning an obvious one. Going forward, these individuals will be provided better growth opportunities within the company.

This last point is particularly exciting for us.  Companies are embracing free and nontraditional learning resources to train their workforce (and why wouldn’t they?), but it’s the acknowledgement and subsequent reward for this learning that is pivotal to supporting the mainstream use of OER for career readiness. It’s this acceptance that can encourage a social shift and empower a global workforce to pursue job skills necessary for the 21st Century – at zero cost to the learner. Which, frankly, is what we’re all about. 

Okay, okay. We’re off our soapbox now. You can read (and share) the full release here! Learn more about Adamjee Life here.