MMD: PerseveranceGood morning and happy Monday! This week, we look what and who has persevered realms of education and technology. Never giving up is of the utmost importance for those intend to succeed. Additionally, many points have persevered over time in education and technology as old habits continue to die hard.

We begin this week with perseverance at its best: graduating from college. Many students go to college, but eventually dropout. However this article from the Washington Post, implores students that  they should finish what they started. Why? Well it reaps in great rewards! –as perseverance often does. But how many of us actually get the opportunity to reap in that extra $500,000 accumulated over time? According to an Institute of Ed. Sciences report, only 58% of the students who enrolled in a BA program in 2004 finished their degree and graduated. So then is all hope lost for the remaining  42%? Not exactly. Studies show that college dropouts still reap in some meaningful monetary rewards. Yet the reward is still the highest is for those finish and graduate.
Going to college is worth it – even if you drop out (Washington Post) Thanks Angelyn!

Ed Tech Accessibility (Inside Higher ED)
Disability rights advocates and publishers are not giving up. Technology that provides a higher education to the visually impaired and breaks down the unintended and nearly impenetrable barriers‘ is the new goal of a National Federation for the Blind drafted bill. The perseverance is already paying off, as U. of CA at Berkley “agreed to make homework and research more accessible to  students with visual and learning disabilities.”

Study: Students prefer real classrooms over virtual (USA Today)
Old habits die hard. Or at least that’s what this study says. Results show that 78% of the students surveyed still prefer face-to-face interaction to online learning. Although the idea of virtual online education is enticing, some say that there’s still room for improvement.

K-12 Education Technology Trends to Watch (Ed. Week)
Horizon’s 2013 K-12 Edition report is out! And the verdict is that 6 “tech. parties” have prevailed. Mobile technology, cloud computing, and open content (sweet!) will be amongst the types of technology that will make an impact on K-12 education in the not too different future.

Well? what other stories of perseverance have come to ind while you were reading this? Feeling inspired? Let us know! Please feel free to leave a thought or comment below.

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