Interested in getting a head start on learning economics? Want to take advantage of the CLEP® College Level Examination Program? Then crack open your new folder and notebook. Get your pens and styluses ready Our ECON101 CLEP-aligned version of Principles of Microeconomics is now available on our iTunes U channel!

CLEP is a College Board program that allows students to advance their learning at their own pace and then take an exam at the end; upon passing the exam, students may be able to receive transfer credit from participating colleges and universities in the US.

Aside from preparing you for the CLEP Microeconomics exam, we’ll help you:

  • identify how individual economic agents make rational choices given scarce resources, and explain how to optimize the use of resources at hand;
  • apply basic microeconomic models related to production, trade, and the circular flow of resources;
  • analyze and apply the mechanics of demand and supply for individuals, firms, and the market;
  • apply the concept of marginal analysis in order to make optimal choices, and identify whether the choices are efficient or equitable;
  • apply the concept of elasticity as a measure of responsiveness to various variables;
  • identify the characteristics of various market structures, namely, perfectly competitive markets, non-competitive markets, and imperfectly competitive markets, and compare and contrast their operations;
  • analyze how the demand and supply technique works for the resource markets; and
  • analyze the role of market failure in government decisions

Not on iOS? No worries! You can still prepare with the help of our original Saylor version!

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