MMD: Times are A Changin'Good morning and happy Monday! As enter the month of July, we take a look at how the situation of education has changed over time. Due to the economic recession, pushes for higher standards, and to get a dream job have all forced education to change with the times. Sometimes these are good and others are bad. But regardless, one thing is clear: Things will never be the same again.

We begin this week with a change in the popular majors that students choose to pursue in higher education. As more and more students pursue higher ed., America has seen a general decline in liberal arts and less-“career-focused” disciplines. This change worries some about the quality of education, as universities may disregard it in the name of ensuring a quick payoff. This especially true for those who point out that the English major has seen a very steep decline in its numbers overtime. Others doubt that a loss of quality is actually occurring. However, the numbers speak for themselves, as at least 60% more 21 yr-olds receive college diplomas than in the 1970’s. Further speaking to this recent trend, there have been great increases in the world of health professions, business, and criminal justice. Where does your college major or discipline line-up?
As More Attend College, Majors Become More Career-Focused (New York Times)

4 Ways Higher Ed Has Changed, Post Recession (ABC)
So along with the changing times, we must also note the factors that have influenced them. Following the recent economic recession, the face of education has changed in 4 ways: increase in certification programs, competency-based learning, accreditation, and pressure to cut costs.

EU group wants teacher training for lecturers (Times Higher Ed.)
And last but not least, as the times have been changing, representatives in the EU want to ensure that their lecturers are fully trained to be the best teachers they can be. This is just one of the 16 recommendations made by the EU in a report to the European Commission. Recommendations also include encouraging the expansion of mentoring and counseling for students.

Well? How has education changed for you? Were these changes good or bad? Please feel free to comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

Have a great week! In other news…
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