Banner image showing a map of the world with text "a community across 192 countries"

Sometimes our work can feel close by, bounded by the river to the south, the High Street to the north, the snarls of downtown to the east, and the wilds of Virginia to the west — or even by the borders of a computer screen.

The team behind the blog, social media, and the contact emails are lucky…we’ve got a window seat, and even a direct line, to the folks on the outside: our students, our friends, and other community members.

All of us here, though, enjoy being reminded of just how diverse and how far-ranging the community truly is. The latest opportunity came when Devon Ritter, our special projects administrator, shared with us the list of countries from which our ePortfolio users hail: 192 in all, and just a few shy of the full family of nations. Here’s a map:

World map showing countries of origin of students

We’re gratified to have so many students, acquaintances, and yes, friends, far and wide. You all keep us going daily.

As the saying goes, if you like what you’ve found, tell others, so that we can grow the circles. If there’s something you don’t like, tell us.

Of course, you’re always welcome just to say hello or send a postcard, too!